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Latest Shopping News

• New Arrivals At Castaluna
 This week Castaluna are delighted to bring you a selection of New Arrivals to the website, showing off the great quality and range of products available from Castaluna for Autumn-Winter 2014. With the Winter months fast approaching, warm jackets and trousers will be on everyone's shopping lists and we have some fine examples of these to show you.
• M&S Home Event: Up to 30% off Furniture
 Marks & Spencer have a great selection of online deals right now, with up to 20% off homeware; 20% off gifts; 30% off furniture; 60% off garden furniture; 50% off mattresses; and up to 60% off conservatory furniture. We list the full details for you, and the start and end dates of this M&S offer.
• Ladies Coats & Jackets At Daxon
 This week Daxon are delighted to bring you a fine selection of Ladies Coats and Jackets, the perfect purchase as we start moving towards the Autumn and Winter months. With a wide variety of styles available to suit all tastes, there is something for everyone in this fantastic range.
• Daxon - Summer Value Collection At Daxon
 This week Daxon are delighted to bring you their Summer Value Collection, which contains over 100 items costing £20 or under. This excellent range, full of stylish items at great prices, contains all your needs for the warm summer months. You can still use the code 8028 at the checkout to save 25% on your most expensive item, and will be able to do so until Wednesday 13th August 2014.
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  Special Offers

2. Womens Wine Fern Embroidered Full Back Slippers, Wine
from British Home Stores
3. Womens TLC Wine Wide Fit Lightweight Loafers, Wine
from British Home Stores
4. Fairwood Log Cabin Coppice- 10 x 10ft - Natural
from Asda George
5. Fairwood Log CabinTwyford- 14 x 16ft - Natural
from Asda George
6. Fairwood Log Cabin New Forest- 19 x 12ft - Natural
from Asda George
7. Fairwood Summerhouse Beaulieu - 10 x 10ft - Golden Brown
from Asda George
8. Melbury Garden Log Cabin - 2.5 x 4.0 x 3.0m - Natural Wood
from Asda George
9. Fairwood Log Cabin Clipstone- 12 x 12ft - Natural
from Asda George
10. Fairwood Log CabinArgyll- 12 x 8ft - Natural
from Asda George

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