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Friday, 28th December, 2007

Healthy Direct - Latest Offers

Weight-control & slimming products are hugely popular at this time of year, and Healthy Direct can help you along with both of those, but there are lots more great reasons to give Healthy Direct a visit right now too, including up tp 50% off selected products in the online sale, which is now live (28th.Dec).

* Up to 50% off selected products in the Sale
* Even the best-sellers are now reduced in price.
* Postage and Packaging is FREE on ALL orders in January.
* Voucher Code WB004 still gives you "10% off all orders over £30."
* All shoppers get a Free Evening Primrose Oil with every order from the 28th December (while stocks last).

Recommended Products

- Milk Thistle Extract 380mg
90 Tablets - only £6.99 / 180 Tablets - only £11.99. Some much needed relief for the liver, breaking down and detoxifying pollutants such as alcohol and nicotine. The indulgences during Christmas can inhibit the liver's function, so Milk Thistle is a great way to kick-start the cleansing process.

- Lecithin 1,200mg
120 Capsules - only £6.99 / 240 Capsules - only £11.99, 360 Capsules - only £15.99. Lecithin is a complex mixture of compounds containing fatty acids and phosphorus and is also one of the richest sources of Choline and Inositrol, two important nutrients that regulate fat metabolism in the liver and emulsification in the body in general.

- Smoke Guard
90 Capsules - was £10.99 NOW £5.99, 180 Capsules - only £18.49. If you're no good at keeping New Year's resolutions and giving up the vice of smoking is something you struggle with, then Smoke Guard is ideal in couteracting the harmful effects and even more so now the price has been slashed. The powerful combination of vitamins and minerals can help your body recover and reduce the craving for cigarettes.

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Healthy Direct Information

HealthyDirect was founded in 2000 and was originally set up as a mail-order company. Since then it has gone from strength-to-strength, and has now become the second largest vitamins supplier in the UK. Following the success of the mail-order catalogue, the Healthy Direct website was launched in January 2004, and has proven to be equally as successful. You really can find almost any kind of vitamin or supplement at Healthy Direct, with product categories including Joints, Omega Oils, Women`s Health, Weight Control & Slimming, Antioxidants, Vegetarian Products, Mood, Energy & Stress, Mind & Memory and many more besides.

Official Website:

Other Recent Shopping News:

31st January, 2022: Damart: Free Delivery & New Thermal Collection
Still feeling the winter chill? Don't worry as Damart's brand new Thermolactyl collection is here to help! With clever technology that works with your body to keep you warm, by using three different fabrics to give you three different body temperatures. This collection is perfect for fighting off the cold and feeling comfortable. Did we mention there is also 20% off selected items? You definitely wouldn't want to miss out on deals like this.

28th January, 2022: Jacamo Menswear Deals
It can be pretty chilly out there at the moment, and time to wrap up warm with your winter woolies. With that in mind Jacamo, the menswear catalogue store, have some great offers right now. Specifically, Jacamo menswear shoppers can enjoy up to 50% off Jacamo winter clothing until January 31st, 2022, and (with the code we provide) Jacamo are offering up to 30% off other clothing and footwear. Jacamo have an excellent range of menswear (and many other products), so if you're looking for some great clothing at some super prices, then head along to Jacamo.

28th January, 2022: Deals at Simply Be Catalogue Store
Simply Be is the online store for the curvaceous, and where you'll find the shapes and sizes you don't find anywhere else. And, right now you can enjoy special offers at Simply Be, to make an excellent shopping experience an even better one, by making some big savings. The deals include: Up to 60% off Winter Warmers; 30% Off Beauty Gifting; and, with our special code, 30% off Clothing & Footwear. Read on to get the free coupon code, and to head on over to the Simply Be online catalogue store.

Interflora Flowers, Official Website

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