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Wahl Bald & Buzz Cut Clipper Kit.

Achieve both bald and buzz cut styles from one powerful clipper that featres a dual foil shaver and smooth cutting clipper in one. Cordless Run Time: Our latest advanced Lithium Ion technology allows up to 120 minutes cordless run time from only a 3 hour charge. Close cutting blades will cut your hair as short as 0.2mm, giving you the confidence to achieve an ultra-close cut or smooth finish. Full length control with 8 attachment combs that enable cutting lengths from 0.2mm up to 13mm. Achieve a super close shave: Full-size dual foil head and 3-cut system catches every hair. Maintain a tidy buzz cut: Smooth cutting blade enables you to maintain a tidy buzz cut. Achieve a smooth and consistent cut: Ergonomic design means pressure can be easily applied on the scalp for a smooth and consistent cut.

UK Price: £59.99    
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Wahl Rechargeable Beard Kit.

The Wahl Rechargeable Beard Kit for trimming, detailing and nurturing your beard. Rechargeable trimmer features professional performance blades that effortlessly cut through facial hair. 60 Minutes of cordless runtime for total freedom of movement. Soft touch finish for complete comfort. 4 Attachment combs offering a wide variety of cutting lengths. Interchangeable detailing blade for fine detail work. Wooden handle beard brush and a 10ml bottle of Wahl Repair. Beard Oil to hydrate the skin and beard

UK Price: £29.99    
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Wahl Colour Trim Multigroomer.

The Wahl Colour Trim 8in1 features innovative coloured combs that match the code on the trimmer, making it easy to choose your desired length and style. This innovative grooming tool is suitable for face and body grooming. Suitable For: Designer Stubble, Stubble, Short Beard, Clean Shave, Detail Trimming, Ear Hair Removal, Nose Hair Removal and Body Trimming.

UK Price: £49.99    
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Men Rock Shaving Gift Set - Sandalwood.

Everything needed to lather up in style. A perfect gift for any man who likes to give his appearance that extra special bit of attention. Created to achieve a professional, barbershop experience in every bathroom. Contains: Sandalwood Shaving Cream: An essential component of the wet shaving experience. When used with the brush, this shaving cream is vital in achieving the smooth finish of the close shave and will tackle tough stubble. Scented to provide a natural sandalwood aroma reminiscent of Londons traditional barber shops. Shaving Brush: This vegan friendly shaving brush with synthetic bristles mixes hot water and shave cream into a surprisingly thick cushioning lather, thus allowing for a much more comfortable shave. Helps remove any unwanted dead skin and avoid nicks, cuts, or irritation. Clear Drip Stand: Every brush deserves its throne. This drip stand holds the brush in place for drying and ensures it stays in great condition. Both hygienic and practical, its clear, compact design is the perfect addition to any bathroom.

UK Price: £20.00    
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WAHL Colour Coded Hair Clipper.

The Wahl Colour Coded Cordless Hair Clipper features innovative coloured combs that match the code on the clipper, making it simple to choose your colour and style. It contains everything you need to achieve a professional finish at an affordable price. Ergonomic design and cordless capability gives you full styling control, whilst a powerful and long-lasting motor provides the best performance for kids and adults hair. The integrated thumb grip ensures the clipper is comfortable to hold and easy to control during use. Detachable rinseable blades make it easy to clean. With a 60 minute runtime from a single charge and worldwide voltage. Includes soft storage case, scissors & barber comb, clipper oil, cleaning brush and 10 guide combs (0.8mm to 25mm).

UK Price: £36.99    
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Wahl Extreme Grip Beard&Stubble Trimmer.

The Wahl extreme grip Multigroomer with 4 interchangeable heads provides secure grip and ergonomic ease with durable silicone housing. With Lithium Ion technology, The long lasting battery runs for 120 minutes from a 4 hour charge. The Extreme Grip Features our precision ground and the standard blade is washable for no fuss cleaning and a fresh cut every time. The secure grip makes it easy for trimming and edging at multiple angles. This trimmer comes with 12 guide combs and an adjustable guide comb for variable cutting lengths of 0.5mm - 11mm.

UK Price: £34.99    
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Wahl Home Pro Basic Corded Hair Clipper.

The 9-piece Wahl HomePro Basic hair clipper set has everything you need to achieve salon-quality haircuts at home. Besides the main item, a single-cut clipper with a high-carbon steel blade and guard, you get four attachment combs for varying the length of cuts, a pair of scissors, a barber comb, clipper oil and a cleaning brush. Full instructions are included.

UK Price: £12.99    
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Wahl 10 in 1 Aqua Blade Multigroomer Set.

Trim, Shave, Edge, Clip & Detail. CLOSE CUTTING- The closest trimmer shave without the irritation of a traditional razor blade. LONG LASTING- Limited lifetime blade warranty. VERSATILE- 16 guide combs provide a wide variety of styling options. MULTIFUNCTIONAL- Four interchangeable heads allow for full haircuts, precision beard trimming, an ultra-close shave, total body grooming and removing unwanted ear & nose hair. FULLY WASHABLE- Suitable for wet/dry use and easy to clean with a non-slip grip. Now 80% less plastic packaging VS previous packaging of a similar size.

UK Price: £104.99    
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Wahl Manscaper Trimmer.

Guaranteed to safely trim on any terrain, this trimmer is comfortable to use and ideal for trimming the stomach, chest, and groin. The stainless-steel blades are ball pointed to help prevent any nicks or cuts, ensuring safe trimming. The Manscaper is a waterproof trimmer, making it ideal for use in the shower. With an adjustable LED display to indicate the different cutting lengths for easy use.

UK Price: £69.99    
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Wahl Rapid Clip Hair Clipper.

The Wahl Rapid Clip is a high performance cord/cordless clipper ideal for DIY home haircutting, with precision ground blades and adjustable taper lever for a wider variety of cutting lengths. The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to work around the contours of the head.

UK Price: £49.99    
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Wahl Elite Multigroomer Kit 8 in 1.

The Wahl Elite 8in1 features four interchangeable heads for haircuts, beard and body trimming, detail shaving, detailing and removing unwanted ear and nose hair. Features three washable heads that can be rinsed under the tap for thorough cleaning. 150 minutes run time from a 150 minute charge with a smart LED charge indicator. Versatile: Offering 16 trimming lengths, including a 10-position beard guide comb for stubble, medium or full beard. Multifunctional: Four interchangeable heads allow for full haircuts, complete beard grooming, an ultra-close detail shave, total body grooming and removing unwanted ear & nose hair. Smart Charging: Smart charge function with LED to indicate charge status and convenient USB charging.

UK Price: £69.99    
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Wahl Multigroomer 6in1 Travel Kit.

Travel friendly multigrooming kit. For face and body grooming with 3 interchangeable heads for trimming, shaving and removing unwanted hair. This versatile Wahl 6 in 1 Multi-groomer is the ultimate grooming travel kit with three cutting heads to cover all your travel grooming needs. Use the standard trimmer head for tidying beards, stubble, sideburns and hair lines as well as all body grooming. The rotary head takes care of ear, nose and eyebrow hair. Use the shaver head for an ultra-close, smooth finish. The kit comes with all the handy accessories you could need for grooming, including scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, nail file, toothbrush and pocket comb. All packed in a storage pouch, ideal for travel. This grooming travel kit comes with a Lithium battery which gives you much longer usage time before replacement.

UK Price: £19.99    
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Wahl Rechargeable Beard Trimmer.

Keep your beard looking its best with the WAHL 9916-803 Rechargeable Beard Trimmer, Beard Shampoo and Oil Gift Set. Features precision ground blades that provide a superior cut every time and is perfect for beards, stubble, necklines and touch-ups. Use the Wahl Beard Wash and Wahl Beard Oil to maintain the lustre of your beard. 60 min run time. Includes 100ml beard wash, 30ml beard oil, beard comb, soft storage pouch, blade oil and cleaning brush, 6 position guide comb (2-12mm) and 3 attachment combs (No1 ? 1.5mm, No2 ? 3mm, No3 ? 4.5mm).

UK Price: £34.99    
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Wahl Groomsman Multigroomer Kit 8 in 1.

The Groomsman 8-in-1 is an ideal trimmer for beard and body grooming at home. This rechargeable Multi Groomer is equipped with professional quality precision ground blades that offer the best cutting performance for you. The three interchangeable heads allow for simple beard and body maintenance meet all your grooming needs. Maintain facial hair with the trimmer head, achieve an ultra-close shave of just 0.2 mm with the shaver head and remove unwanted ear and nose hair with the detail head. The four guide combs provide trimming lengths from 1.5 mm 12 mm to create your desired look. For a closer cut, use without the combs to achieve an overall length of 0.5 mm. With 60 minutes cordless run time, this trimmer has enough power to perform multiple full body grooming in-between charges. It is sleek and comfortable to hold, ensuring easy control during use.

UK Price: £21.99    
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Wahl Elite Pro Corded Hair Clipper Kit.

The WAHL Elite Pro Corded Hair Clipper Kit has a powerful and durable motor for a lifetime of superior performance. Features SECURE-FIT? guide combs, variable cutting lengths, premium quality accessories and the finest precision easy glide blades. Mains operated. Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.

UK Price: £64.99    
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