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Game with Clothes Pegs no color.

The ideal game to develop children s fine motor skills and with a rule adapted for little ones: each player throws the dice in turn and then hangs a clothes peg on the stand in the colour corresponding to the colour on the dice. Game includes: 4 stands, different coloured clothes pegs, and a dice With pouch Dimensions Sun: diameter 15 cm MORE INFORMATION Suitable from age 3 years 2 to 4 players Develops fine motor skills Introduces children to matching games Game with clothes pegs in wood.

UK Price: £11.55    
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Ludo Game in FSC ® Wood multi.

A great classic that folds up so it can be transported easily. In this revamped version, we have foxes, dogs, cats and rabbits to introduce children to the pleasure of board games! Includes 4 x 4 pieces (4 foxes, 4 cats, 4 dogs, 4 rabbits), 1 board and 1 die Foldable board Dimensions Board when open: 26 x 26 cmBoard when closed: 26 x 13 cm MORE INFORMATION: Suitable from 3 years Ideal to start learning to count Exploring their first board game Ludo game in FSC ® wood

UK Price: £14.45    
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Box of 50 Classical Games in FSC ® Wood multi.

A box full of treasures that will allow children to play at least 50 games! Inside you'll find loose boards, counters, dice, cards... and an instruction booklet with the rules of great classics such as Ludo game, goose game, yellow dwarf game, lotto etc. Box with 1 outer side for checkers and the other outer side for Ludo. 1 interior side for the goose game, the other interior side for snakes and ladders. Loose board 1: 1 side for backgammon + 1 side for yellow dwarf Loose board 2: 1 side for tic-tac-toe + 1 side for solitaire Lotto game + 54 cards + 5 dice + booklet for Yahtzee A cotton pouch to store the counters Booklet with rules of 50 games Dimensions 30 x 30 cm MORE INFORMATION: Suitable from 3 years Reinforces social or family ties Develops communication, language Encourages thinking, memory, logic Teaches following rules and managing emotions Box of 50 classical games in FSC ® wood

UK Price: £36.00    
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Tactile Farm Lotto, by DJECO multi.

Just spin the arrow and see where it lands (fruit, vegetables, farm animals, insects, farm utensils), the player then dips their hand into the bag and pulls out a corresponding figurine. If the player find the right figurine, he keeps it; otherwise, he places it back in the bag. o Tactile farm lotto, by DJECOo Includes: a cardboard wheel diam. 21 cm, 15 figurines in soft plastic (rabbit, sheep, chicken, bee, ladybird, butterfly, bucket, wheelbarrow, watering can, salad, radish, carrot, grape, pear, cherry) and a bag. MORE INFORMATION: 3+ yearso 1 - 4 playerso Child learns to respect game ruleso Child places a figurine in the right category Tactile farm lotto, by DJECO cardboard wheel, soft PVC figurines.

UK Price: £18.00    
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Polyssimo, by DJECO multi.

This is the Polyssimo brainteaser by Djeco, a game of patience with 11 wooden pieces to create a perfect square. For children of ages 7+ years. 11 wooden pieces to make a perfect square and 30 challenge cards with different starting positions. Rack your brains! Comes with solutions. DIMENSIONS 21.5 x 21.5 x 3 cm. Plus points of the Polyssimo, by DJECO Comes with solutions 7Y+ A game of reflection, tactics and patience Polyssimo game, by DJECO

UK Price: £15.00    
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Polyssimo Challenge, by DJECO blue.

Polyssimo Challenge by DJECO A problem-solving game that focuses on geometric reasoning. Rule of the game: players start by placing the pieces in the middle of the table, and then they each choose a piece in turn and place them in front of them. Once there are no more pieces to retrieve, starting with the last player to take a piece, players take it in turn to place the pieces on the board. Plus points of the Polyssimo Challenge by DJECO Suitable for players aged 7 to 99 years 2 to 4 players Game includes: 1 cardboard game board, 24 wooden pieces Box dimensions: 21.5 x 21.5 x 3 cm

UK Price: £23.00    
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Piratatak Card Game, by DJECO multi.

Adventurous or cautious, choose your strategy to build your boat before the pirates attack it! DIMENSIONS 11.7 x 8.5 x 2.8 cm Plus points of the Piratatak card game by DJECO 5Y+. Includes: 55 cards (24 boat cards, 20 gold nuggets cards, 8 pirates cards, 3 cannon shot cards). Piratatak card game by DJECO in cardboard and paper.

UK Price: £9.50    
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Chinese Checkers in Wood FSC ® Certified multi.

Chinese checkers is a timeless game that helps improve your child's concentration and observation! The aim of the game: to move the coloured pieces to the opposite area using certain strategies. Bevelled board with 50 coloured pieces Dimensions Diameter: 30 cm Pouch: 31 x 29 cm MORE INFORMATION: Suitable from 3 years Promotes concentration Helps strategy development Chinese checkers game in FSC ® wood

UK Price: £11.90    
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Colour Racecourse in FSC ® Wood multi.

To win the game, the animals must reach the top of the mountain! Roll the dice and move forward on the colours you get, but beware, the path is full of obstacles! A fun game, which combines the rules of the goose game with those of snakes and ladders, to the delight of many children! Includes: 1 dice, 4 animal counters and 2 ladders Dimensions 29 x 22 x 23 cm MORE INFORMATION: Suitable from 3 years Introduces the child to playing with others Colour racecourse in FSC ® wood

UK Price: £22.10    
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Fish Skill Game, in FSC ® Wood multi.

A fun game that will require concentration! The rule of the game: make their fish (the ones with game player's colour(s)) fall first. For example, when a green fish falls within the green area, the points double for that colour. Roll the dice to see which colour rod is taken. Different game modes increase the pleasure of playing! Main part is delivered already assembled 28 rods + 20 fish: 4 different colours numbered 1 to 4 + 1 dice (4 colours + skip a turn + choose colour) Dimensions Total height: 25 cm The tower: 15 cm diameter Rods: 5 mm and 20 cm long More information Suitable from age 3 years Develops concentration. Increases fine motor skills Fish skill game, in FSC ® wood.

UK Price: £27.00    
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Rainbow Fishing Ducks Game by DJECO yellow.

Rainbow fishing ducks game by DJECO A must-have that always entertains little ones and allows them to develop their dexterity and fine motor-skills. Plus points of the rainbow fishing ducks game by DJECO 2Y+ 2 players Includes: 6 plastic ducks, 2 plastic fishing rods Box dimensions: 49 x 9.5 cm

UK Price: £18.00    
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Tapik ©koi Memory Game, by DJECO red.

Tapik ©koi memory game, by DJECO Tapik ©koi from Djeco is a memory and observation game that invites two to four players to find missing objects in a house. The players take turns playing the role of the family and then the thief. Object counters are placed on the four boards forming the house: the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom and the garden. Then the family players close their eyes and fall asleep while the thief player steals items. Upon awakening, the family players must use their memory and their sense of observation to find the missing objects. Be warned, each token item not found is kept by the thief player. Can you find the missing items? Plus points of this product Suitable from 5 to 99 years Includes: 4 boards + 36 counters + 1 family counter+ 1 cotton bag. 3 to 5 players Develops memory and sense of observation Tapik ©koi memory game, by DJECO Colour: multicoloured

UK Price: £12.00    
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4 Seasons Lotto, by DJECO multi.

A matching game: 4 illustrated boards for 4 seasons. Each player takes a turn in picking a disc out of the bag. If it corresponds with the theme on their board, they put it down, otherwise, they put it back in the bag. The first person to fill their board, wins! A lotto with fun and colourful designs to learn about the seasons. o 4 Seasons Lotto, by DJECOo Includes: 4 boards 15 x 11 cm + 16 discs. MORE INFORMATION: o 2+ yearso Child learns about seasons and their featureso Child places the discs on the right boardo Learn to respect the rules of a gameo Multiple players game 4 Seasons Lotto, by DJECO in sturdy cardboard.

UK Price: £7.00    
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Animal Dominoes, by DJECO multi.

A dominoes game for pre-school children. Players must identify and match the animals. Share moments of fun with your child. Together you can name the animals and the colours. Beautifully drawn and coloured fun pictures for this animal lotto. o Animal dominoes, by DJECOo Includes: 28 dominoes in thick double-sided cardboard (6.5 x 13 cm) MORE INFORMATION: o 3+ yearso 2 - 4 playerso Name the animalso Child learns to respect rules of a gameo A moment to share and play with your children Animal dominoes by DJECO in sturdy cardboard.

UK Price: £10.00    
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Diamoniak, by DJECO multi.

A game of adventure and strategy! Adventurous or prudent, each one has their own strategy when it comes to building their castle before the witches cast a spell! Suitable from age 5 years 2 to 4 players Each game lasts: 15 minutes Plus points of the Diamoniak game by DJECO Practical: simple rules and short games Practical: small-sized so they can take it with them wherever they go Diamoniak, by DJECO

UK Price: £9.50    
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