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George Foreman Kettle Charcoal Barbecue.

The George Foreman Kettle BBQ is the ideal choice for family BBQs this summer. This charcoal powered BBQ provides the authentic BBQ experience at home. Whether you BBQ in a garden or on a terrace, the George Foreman Kettle BBQ can cook up to 5 portions at a time, enough for any hungry family. The George Foreman Kettle BBQ features a chrome plated grill and handy grease collection tray. The lid has an adjustable vent to allow you to control the air flow and helps you maintain optimum cooking temperature, meaning your food can cook faster.

UK Price: £69.99    
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George Foreman 25850 Indoor Grill.

The George Foreman 25850 Smokeless Indoor BBQ Grill is your mealtime friend that lets you share the taste of flavoursome BBQ food, all year round. Its' smokeless technology eliminates greasy smells and smoke, so that you can effortlessly bring the outdoor cooking experience indoors. This versatile grill helps you eat well, more often whether you are cooking for the family or entertaining friends. With this grill, you can enjoy delicious BBQ flavours, whatever the weather.

UK Price: £74.99    

George Foreman Large 25820 Fit Grill.

Whenever you?re short on time and space, the George Foreman Large 25820 Fit Grill has you covered, thanks to its 160% faster heat up and 30% space saving design. With a non-stick coating, you can enjoy grilling up flavoursome favourites, without your food sticking to your grill. The clip-in drip tray will collect excess fat in one place, while the vertical storage will help you store the grill in tight spaces. The large fit grill?s new, smaller footprint and space saving design perfectly fits into your life, meaning you can enjoy simpler storage without compromising on your cooking. In a shiny black with a matt finish, the large fit grill makes a statement on your counter and has the cooking sorted.

UK Price: £62.99    

George Foreman Medium 25810 Fit Grill.

Enjoy your favourite foods without the guilt thanks to this health grill by George Foreman. It can hold up to seven portions at once, giving you plenty of room to cook a delicious selection of chicken and veg skewers. The floating hinge comes in handy if you?re planning a summer feast too, as you can open it super-wide to fit larger ingredients like sausages and beef burgers. And when all the excess fat has been collected in the drip tray, simply soak it in soapy water to banish any oily residue. The plates are really easy to clean as well, as the surface is grease-resistant and non-stick. Plus, because the grill can be stored vertically, you won?t have to faff around finding cupboard space either.

UK Price: £42.99    

George Foreman 10 Portion Grill.

The George Foreman 10 portion entertaining grill is ideal for larger families, entertaining your friends or even hosting an indoor BBQ with a larger grill plate of 970 sq cm. Ideal for healthy eating, the grill channels filter away grease and excess fat into an easy clean separate drip tray, allowing for easy disposal and taking the hassle out of cleaning. A floating hinged lid means that the grill adjusts according to the thickness of your food, making it perfect for thicker ingredients like steaks and toasted sandwiches. A rear adjustable foot enables flat or angled cooking, with the angled option enabling even more fat to be channelled away from your food for an even healthier meal.

UK Price: £54.99    

George Foreman Small 25800 Fit Grill.

Enjoy deliciously nutritious meals with this health grill from George Foreman. It can cook up to five portions at once, making it perfect for draining fat from a packet of sausages. The clever floating hinge lets you open it up super-wide too, so it?ll easily fit meaty burgers and salad stuffed paninis. You can even fry eggs on it if you love protein-rich breakfasts, as the non-stick surface prevents delicate foods from attaching to the plate. And, because it?s grease-resistant and has a removable drip tray, washing away oily residues has never been easier. You won?t have to worry about lack of cupboard space either, as the handy design means it can be stored vertically.

UK Price: £24.99    

George Foreman Smokeless Grill.

The Smokeless Grill has been designed to bring you Smokeless Contact Grilling for up to 87% Less Smoke. With smokeless technology, the hot cooking juices are quickly directed through holes in the grill plate and immediately cooled, preventing them from burning onto the grill, which helps to eliminate smoke. The Integrated venting system helps to keep the unit cool so that it does not overheat and prevents any fat on the drip tray/ grill plate burning, this helps eliminate greasy smells. Cleaning your smokeless grill has never been easier. With an advanced non stick coating, you can simply wipe the plates with a damp sponge or cloth, for effortless cleaning. The removable plates and drip tray are also dishwasher safe and 3X more durable, so you can easily pop them in the dishwasher without the coating wearing away. Enjoy flavoursome food even faster, with the smokeless grill to hand. Designed so its 3X faster and 70% more energy efficient than an oven, making your favourite dishes, has never been quicker or easier. With the smokeless grill in your corner, you can enjoy versatile grilling and cook up a variety of flavoursome dishes. With a floating hinge that accommodates food up to a 1.5inches cooking height, you can cook a range of different meats, fish, vegetables and more. You do not even need to worry about adjusting the temperature, thanks to its single temperature, making it perfect for cooking all dishes. The Smokeless Grill not only has your tasty dishes sorted, but also makes a statement in your kitchen. With a premium stainless steel finish, this grill complements your counter and brings a contemporary touch to any kitchen. Always know when your smokeless grill is on and ready to use, thanks to the red/green indicator light.

UK Price: £99.99    

George Foreman 7 Portion Grill.

With a new design, packed with improved features and a whole spectrum of cooking opportunities, this George Foreman grill will enhance your lifestyle by enabling you to make delicious meals quickly and easily, with just the close of a lid. Features a bold and stand-out grey stainless steel design, clever vertical storage, an adjustable rear foot for angled cooking which removes up to 42% of fat*, clip in drip tray for excess fat, non-stick grill plates that are easy to clean, and integrated cord storage. 7 portion capacity. * Measured against 20% fat content beef burgers (113g).

UK Price: £49.99    

George Foreman Grill and Griddle.

With a new contemporary updated design, The George Foreman Grill and Griddle cooks up to 10 portions at once (4 portions on the grill and 6 portions on the griddle). Use the grill and griddle simultaneously Dual indpendent temperature controls for grill and griddle Floating hinge Sloping grill with separate drip tray for fat and grease Non-stick coating 1.8kW H.13 x W.57 x D.33 cm

UK Price: £79.99    

George Foreman Indoor & Outdoor Grill - 22460.

If you love entertaining family and friends, the George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill is for you. Set it up outside in the garden as a freestanding electric grill or sit it on a table top for a great indoor grilling experience. The large, non-stick grill plate allows you to cook up to 15 portions of meat, fish or vegetables in one go. In fact if you can grill it, the Indoor Outdoor Grill can handle it! Perfect for apartments, patios, caravanning and other areas where charcoal or propane can't be used, the versatile grill is as easy to clean as it is to use. Now you can grill anywhere and in any weather! George Foreman Grill Features: Cooks up to 15 portions (1500 sq. cm) Can be used with or without a stand, suitable for indoor & outdoor use Removable non-stick coated grill plate for easy cleaning Specially angled cooking plates drain away fat & grease from foods Into integrated drip tray Variable temperature control Gauge to view cooking temperature Large dome lid with cool touch handle

UK Price: £90.00    

GEORGE FOREMAN 25050 Entertaining Grill - Red, Red.

Top features:- LED indicator lights to ensure you cook at the ideal temperature - Remove up to 42% of fat for healthier meals - Extended stainless steel handle to keep you safe while cooking LED indicator lightsYou'll know exactly when to start cooking using the George Foreman 25050 Entertaining Grill by using its LED indicator light. The red light indicates that the power is on, while the green light indicator lets you know when the grill is at the optimum temperature. For further convenience, you can easily store the appliance while not in use - it's vertical storage design means it doesn't take up a lot of space. Remove up to 42% of fatFor healthier meals, the 25050 Entertaining Grill helps to remove and drain away up to 42% of fat from your favourite food. The rear adjustable foot lets you use grill at any angle, with the excess fat collected in a clip-in drip tray. You can also use the grill at a flat angle, ideal for sandwiches and paninis when your guests are hungry in the middle of the day. Extended stainless steel handleTo keep you safe while cooking, the grill has an extended stainless steel handle so that you can avoid burning your fingers while checking on your food.

UK Price: £44.99    
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George Foreman Grey 5 Portion Family Grill 25041.

Whether it's Saturday morning bacon butties, a quick Tuesday night tea or Friday night kebabs - your George Foreman grill can cater for every occasion. In a bold and stand-out grey stainless steel, the George Foreman 5 portion grill makes a statement in your kitchen and an impact on your cooking. Ready to use on the healthy days, the hungry days and the comfort food craving days - your George Foreman grill has got you covered. Cook up a storm in the kitchen and make a variety of foods with your George by your side. A contemporary new design combines a strong grey, stainless steel and sleek black with deep, indented grill lines on the lid. The family grill is the perfect size for your cooking creations, whether that be a meal for you or for a few. Need to save on space? Featuring clever vertical storage this 5-serving George Foreman grill can easily be stored away neatly in your cupboard. Remove up to 42% of fat* with the rear adjustable foot for angled cooking. This feature lets the excess fat and juices drain away from your food into the new perfect fit, clip in drip tray for efficient, clean cooking. Cooking your whole meal on your George not only saves time on cooking, but also time on cleaning thanks to the easy clean, non-stick grill plates. These can be simply wiped down between uses, so you have more time to enjoy your flavoursome food without having to worry about the hustle of the cleaning. George Foreman Grill Features: Contemporary designed upper steel lid Removes up to 42% of fat* Improved design on the clip in drip tray, rear adjustable foot & cord wrap for easy vertical storage Easy to clean non-stick plates New distinctive indent lid Premium stainless steel handle Family size Perfect fit drip tray Vertical storage New improved tilt or flat adjustable foot 1650 watts Cooks 5 portions Temperature ready indicator * Measured against 20% fat content beef burgers (113g) Dimensions approx. 10.7H x 32.4W x 33.3D cm (4 ¼ x 12 ¾ x 13 ¼ in)

UK Price: £35.00    

George Foreman 5 Portion Family Grill - 25040.

George Foreman 5 Portion Family Grill - 25040. Brand: George Foreman 1650 W Non-stick plates Floating hinge to easily adjust to any thickness of food Sloped grill so oil or fat can drain easily & drip tray to collect the oil & fat

UK Price: £35.00    

George Foreman Entertaining Fat Draining Grill & Griddle.

The 10 portion grill and griddle offers unmatched versatility, with a four portion grill and space for six on the griddle, the updated contemporary design of this innovative George Foreman grill is perfect for amateurs and pros alike, letting you juggle a variation of meals at once. The independent controls mean you can be grilling bacon and sausages while preparing fried eggs on the griddle, the perfect all in one full English grill! George Foreman Grill Features: Floating hinge New & improved 3x longer lasting non-stick Perfect-fit drip tray Dual independent temperature controls Cooks up to 10 portions Removes up to 42% of fat

UK Price: £60.00    

George Foreman 3 Burner Gas BBQ with Wood Effect Shelves.

This 3 burner George Foreman gas BBQ is the perfect choice for family get togethers or summer garden parties. With its large grill area (enough for up to 10 portions!), Piezo ignition and handy thermostat, it makes summer BBQ's a breeze. It also boasts extra features, such as 2 convenient side shelves, warming rack and a multifunctional hanging towel rail. What more could a BBQ chef need? The hinged lid with built in thermostat helps maintain optimum temperatures inside the BBQ while cooking and protects the grill when not in use. The George Foreman GFGBBQ3BW is the perfect cooking partner for social hosts. George Foreman BBQ Features: 3 burner propane gas BBQ Hose and regulator included, regulator compatible with push fit gas canisters only 2 wheels Stainless steel warming rack approx. 70 x 12 cm (27 ½ x 5 in) Fixed wood effect painted steel shelves Thermostat Cooking area approx. 60 x 42 cm (23 ½ x 16 ½ in) Piezo ignition Product dimensions approx. 122H x 59.5W x 102D cm (48 x 23 ½ x 40 ¼ in)

UK Price: £220.00    

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